Accepting SNAP/EBT Payments Is Easy!




(EBT) acceptance is simple with Applied Merchant Systems, and an easy way to attract new customers and increase your retention

Companies that accept EBT payment broaden their customer bases while demonstrating concern for community needs.

Become a SNAP authorized retailer and receive an FNS number so you can accept EBT payments.

Contact AMS to provide your information to set up your account.

Receive your EBT card processing terminal and start accepting SNAP/EBT payments within 24 hours!

Step 1- Get a USDA Account

Get a USDA Account

To Apply Online you first need to set up and activate a USDA eAuthentication account.

You must have a valid email address as USDA will send you a confirmation email.  This email includes a hyperlink to activate your account.  Return to this page after you activate your account to apply.

If you do not have internet access, call our toll-free hotline at

STEP 2- Apply Online/Check Status of Online Application

You have up to 30 days to complete and submit the online application to FNS. You can start and stop the process.  Be prepared with the following information ahead of time: owner’s name, home address, social security number, and estimated sales.

STEP 3- Complete Your Application

Completed SNAP retailer applications or supporting documentation for an online or paper SNAP retailer application should be sent to:

SNAP Retailer Service Center,
USDA Food and Nutrition Service,
PO BOX 7228
Falls Church, VA 22040

Please Note: UPS and FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box Address.

If you have any questions, please contact the SNAP Retailer Service Center at 1-877-823-4369


Before filling out the application to obtain an FNS number and become a SNAP authorized retailer, your store must be eligible by meeting the following criteria:

  • Your store must sell food for home preparation and consumption

AND, meet ONE of the following:

  • Sell at least three varieties of qualifying foods in EACH of the following food groups, as well as perishable foods in at least two of the groups:
    • meat, poultry and/or fish
    • bread and/or cereal
    • vegetables and/or fruits
    • dairy products

– OR –

  • Have more than 50% of the total dollar amount of all your store’s retail sales come from the sale of SNAP eligible foods.

* Find more details about what foods are SNAP eligible here.

Also, be sure to have the following required information for your FNS application:

  • Owner’s Name, Home Address, & Social Security Number, as well as acceptable identity verification document (for all owners if there are multiple)
  • Store Name, Address, & Classification
  • Estimated Yearly Sales (if store has been open less than a year), Actual Yearly Sales (from most recent tax return, if store has been open longer than one year)
  • Products Sold At Store and Volume
  • Number of Cash Registers and Hours of Operation

FNS has 45 days from the date that they receive your completed application to notify you of whether or not you are approved to be a SNAP retailer.

That’s it! Once you have been approved and receive your FNS number we will set you up to accept SNAP/EBT Payments